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    Title Variations
    The Savvy Business Owner’s Guide to Choosing an IT Provider
    Find The Perfect Managed Service Provider in 2023
    Don’t Settle for Less: How to Find the IT Provider Your Business Deserves

    Find the perfect MSP in 2023

    How businesses improve security and mitigate risk to drive innovation.

    By Scott Bernoudy

    Open Approach CEO

    The business of today is conducted in the cloud, and companies that partner with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) can realize improved security, new levels of efficiency, and cost reduction. An MSP provides technical expertise to keep your business operations running without interruption. That’s peace of mind you can count on.

    Security risks are on the rise for all businesses.

    The World Economic Forum attributes 95% of cybersecurity breaches to human error, and according to security firm Astra, small businesses accounted for 58% of all reported cyber attacks in 2020. And these numbers are on the rise. Businesses that prioritize security have a competitive advantage.

    Service interruptions can make or break a business when speed, trust, and security are on the line. An MSP can ensure that business systems are maintained and running seamlessly in the background so that day-to-day operations can support productivity and innovation.

    Most MSPs manage day-to-day technical issues, including network and infrastructure management, security and monitoring. The result is often a renewed focus on the core business, not technology.

    To find the perfect MSP in 2023, consider your business requirements.

    MSPs typically assume responsibility for one or more business IT services such as data storage, cloud integration, networking, cybersecurity, and email. These managed services are remotely monitored, updated, and reporting on.

    The following are several key features that an MSP may provide:

    • IT infrastructure management
    • Technical support for staff
    • Software and hardware selection
    • Account management access
    • Ongoing network monitoring
    • Compliance and risk management
    • Payroll services
    • Contract management
    • Disaster recovery planning

    Working with an MSP can offer significant operational benefits.

    The following are key benefits that a business should anticipate when working with an MSP:

    Expertise: MSPs have a team of IT professionals with expertise in a range of technologies, allowing businesses to access the expertise they need without having to hire and manage an in-house team.

    Cost savings: MSPs can often provide technology services that are more cost-effective than in-house teams, freeing up resources that can be invested in other areas of the business.  

    Improved productivity: MSPs can help organizations optimize their technology infrastructure and processes, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.

    Proactive maintenance: MSPs can perform regular maintenance and monitoring to prevent IT issues from becoming more serious and costly.

    Increased security: MSP can provide comprehensive security services, including firewalls, antivirus software, and backups, reducing the risk of security breaches and their associated costs.

    Scalability: MSPs can provide flexible and scalable technology solutions to meet the evolving needs of organizations, without the need for significant capital expenditures.

    Disaster recovery: MSPs can help organizations develop and implement disaster recovery plans, ensuring they are prepared to quickly recover from unexpected events that could disrupt normal operations.

    Working with an MSP is a strategic business decision.

    MSPs are designed to manage IT infrastructure for business efficiency and cost-effectiveness. At Open Approach, our IT solutions start with relationships. We get to know you and your business. We work to understand your challenges and your goals, and we create technology solutions you can depend on.

    There’s IT, and then there’s Open Approach IT.

    We remove IT complexity through the practice of trust, integrity and partnership, so that the businesses of today can move forward with confidence.

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